We are fans of this method of preparation, very simple and unfailingly delicious.  You can use grill or barbecue – although your lobster stock made from the wood barbecued shells can be a little too smoky for all dishes. 


Lockdown Lobsters 

The fat and flavour combination of your choice. Garlic / herb butter is an easy option but we were really enjoyed the combination served up at Stevie Parle’s Joy at Portobello.


This outdoor pop up restaurant was a summer 2020 hit and served our Lockdown lobster with lardo (Italian cured pork fat strips and rosemary).

METHOD. Put your lobsters in the freezer for 30 mins until they are comatose. This may take up to an hour for large and very vigorous ones.  Do not leave them in until frozen. 

We usually put a large chopping board at the bottom of the sink for the next stage for kitchen tidiness, but you can also place your chopping board in a large baking tray if your sink is too small. This means any fluid released cannot escape around your kitchen.

Find the cross on the central dorsal line where the head meets the tail. Place the tip of a sharp chef’s knife on this cross and swiftly plunge the knife down forwards through the head. The legs will continue to move a bit afterward but the lobster is in fact dead.  

Here is link so you can see: 


Slice the lobster down the centre line and wash clean with cold water.  Drain and pat dry.

Puncture the claws to allow steam to escape.

Choose your fat and flavour mixture. 

Place in a tray under a very hot grill shell side UP at first for approximately 3- 4 minutes or until all the shell is completely pink. We place  near to the grill for maximum heat.  Make sure all of the lobster halves – especially the claws are under the hot grill and no tips are staying blue.  

Turn the lobster to flesh side up and baste in a garlic butter/ fat and herbs. Grill for a further 3- 4  minutes. The lobster is done when all flesh is opaque and no longer translucent. Don’t overdo it !

You can also use a barbecue – remember to cook the flesh side first so you can fill the shell with your flavour for the second stage.


Chips, Salad and Homemade Mayonnaise/Aioli.