How to cook Lobster Thermidor


The first time we got lobsters right at the beginning of the first lockdown I went straight for this French luxury classic.  It was very disappointing – tough and rather over flavoured.  So after a years’s experience I had another go and it worked perfectly.


1 small boiled lobster per person, or half of a medium / large one.  It is better to boiled to the absolute minimum time – even if the claw is not fully cooked and still slightly translucent.  You are grilling again so don’t worry.

(Per lobster) 

1 small shallot 1/2 big shallot per person.

2 tblsp butter

1/4 cup white wine

1/2 cup double cream

Tiny dollop English mustard

Small handful chopped parsley

Few leaves of tarragon – according to how much you like this herb.

I tbsp finely grated parmesan / gruyere  I went 50/50


Extract the meat from tail and claw  and chop into 2 cm chunks. Refrigerate. Keep the shell, throwing out the gills left inside the head cavity. Pat the shell dry carefully, you don’t want any water to think the sauce.

Chop the shallot very finely and sweat in butter for 15 mins. Add the wine and cream when the shallot is very soft and reduce down at a fairly vigorous bubble.  Take you your time over the sauce it is best thickened over 30 mins or so. .  When the consistency is luxurious add the mustard and chopped herbs plus salt and pepper to taste.

I make a foil tray to reduce scrubbing the grill pan and  arrange the empty lobster shells inside Replace the chunks of lobster meat evenly throughout out the shell of the lobster and pour on the sauce.  Sprinkle the grated cheese over it and put flesh side up under a very hot grill for 4-5 mins, until you just the top start to colour.

Serve with fluffy mashed potato / boiled new potatoes  and green beans / salad.

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