Terms and Conditions


Please see deliveries page.


We will accept cancellations 3 days before your nominated delivery date. We prefer that you find an alternative delivery date, but full refunds will be made in certain circumstances.

We may have to cancel or delay your order if insufficient lobsters have been caught. We are working with small-scale fisherman and occasionally nature does not oblige. We make every effort to fulfill every order and will message you at least 2 days before.

We may at times have to deliver different sizes of lobsters which add up to the total weight paid for.


We will send you a) an order confirmation email, b) if necessary other emails relevant to the good delivery of your order and may send you c) an order review email.


For London deliveries, you should receive a text the day before your delivery giving you a rough estimation of what time your delivery is from our logistics app Routific. Then an additional one within 30 minutes of our arrival.

For Mainland deliveries, our partner courier APC will send a text estimating delivery time on the morning of delivery.


We will only call you if we need to contact you for delivery purposes.


Please see that page in our Customer Service menu.


The live lobster are weighed at source. You should expect weight loss of 15 – 20% when the lobster is cooked.


Lobsters are mainly caught over the summer months on better weather. The price rises in the winter when fewer lobsters are landed. The tendency to worse weather in winter means there are fewer lobster boats and fewer lobsters pots out at sea risking damage.


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